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Who We Are

The Buddha was born over 2500 years ago, and he taught a way to overcome human suffering via meditation and a peaceful way of life. His teachings are as relevant now as they were back then in ancient India. The Dorking Dhamma is facilitated by Paul Meek who has been practising and investigating Buddhism for over 25 years. He has regularly attended Buddhist Temples and Monasteries based in the UK where he has received valuable guidance from various monastics. He is now happy to run the Dorking Dhamma with the aim of offering the Buddha's teachings for investigation by anyone from any background who is interested.

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Helpful Information

Where can I park my car while visiting the group?

Answer: You can park your car in the spaces opposite Taylor Place Studio. Alternatively, the Mole Valley Council car park is around the corner and is free after 6 pm.

What do I wear to the classes?

Answer: Wear comfortable clothing which you can move in easily if need be.

Do I need to be able to sit cross legged to participate?

Answer: No, chairs are available too and can be used to sit on for meditation.

Do I need any meditation experience before joining the sessions?

Answer: No, just come along and join in and after some time you'll naturally get the hang of meditation. Guidance will be offered for you to explore meditation for yourself.

Do I need to bring my own cushion to sit on?

Answer: You can if you like but we do have cushions and mats at the studio which you can use.

Do I have to participate in the chanting at the beginning?

Answer: You can if you like but you don't have to if you don't want to, each person is left to decide for themselves. We bow to at the beginning and end too as a sign of respect.

Is the facility wheelchair accessible?

Answer: Yes, the studio is fully wheelchair accessible and there is an accessible toilet too if it is needed.

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